Practice Tests for the COT® Certification Exam

Certified Ophthalmic Technician COT Exam Practice Tests

The COT® exam practice tests draw from a database of over 2500 questions. Each time you take the practice test, a new set of questions is presented to you. You are able to review your questions and answers. 

The COT® exam practice test is only available with purchase of the Certified Ophthalmlic Technician (COT®) Exam Prep Course. Our goal has always been to maximize the opportunity for the student to pass the exam, while increasing the useful knowledge of the student in the clinical environment. We think this is best accomplished by completing the prep course instead of just taking a few practice exams. The prep course is comprehensive, meaning it covers all of the exam content areas in depth.  The course uses a proven effective study method consisting of short reading segments followed by short quizzes to reinforce learning of the study material. Click here for more information on the certified ophthalmic technician prep course with practice tests.