How to Pass the Certified Ophthalmic Technician (COT®) Skill Exam

The Challenge:

(This discussion only applies to those who have passed the written portion of the Certified Ophthalmic Technician (COT®) Certification Exam.)

The COT® Skill Evaluation tests seven skill areas that are common to the technician job description. An additonal problem for the test taker is that the testing is done via interactive software. Not only do you have to know the skills, which most of us do know from our daily jobs, but for the test you also have to know the dag nab software. If you don't go into the exam knowing the software, then you spend most of your time trying to figure out the software rather than demonstrating your skills, which is stressful enough on a timed exam.

How to get to know the software:

Purchase the "How to Pass the COT® Skill Evaluation" course on ($55).

This course uses discussion and animations to take you step-by-step through the software procedures. You are instructed in the correct steps and the correct order of the steps. The animated illustrations look very similar to what you will encounter on the exam. The advantage is that you can become familiar with the software in a short period of time and at a reasonable cost. Another advantage is that you are instructed in the correct steps and the correct order of the steps. The main disadvantage is that it is not interactive.

In the quotes below, the acronym for the Joint Commission in Allied Heath Personnel in Ophthalmology is replaced by XXX. The acronym is a trademark of that organization and they have demanded that we not use the trademark on this website. Why do they demand this?

"This is the best study guide I have seen for the COT Skills so far. I have used the skills CD provided by XXX and it’s nice to practice. However, it does not layout out step by step how XXX wants each skill. The CD’s steps are varied from the actual test, so BEWARE. This study guide precisely lays out point by point each step for passing the skill. Along with the website provide by XXX to practice how to maneuver through the test and this study guide; I really don’t think there’s a need for the COT Skills CD. In my opinion the COT Skills CD could actually create some confusion. I highly recommend this study guide. Had it not been for it and’s assistance, I would not have passed my COT skills test. When I purchase this study guide the only thing I had not passed was retinoscopy. By following the steps within this study guide I preform retinoscopy perfectly and I met all performance standards required by XXX. It’s also a much better value, for $55 you get all 7 skills laid out step by step. On the XXX website you can purchase each skill for $45 a piece. Don't waste your money, just buy this study guide."  BD
"I would also recommend their course on how to take the skills part of the COT. I tells step by step what XXX expects you to do, more clearly than what XXX sends you. I wish I had that one before I attempted the skills."  KS

You can get a free sample of the course by clicking the following link. The sample is the keratometry skill. This module is the exact same one that is part of the course. You must be registered and logged in to go to the sample. If you get a "you are not authorized" message when you go to the page, login at the top of the page and then use the "back" button on your browser. Click here to go to the sample.

Purchase the course: Click here. You must be registered and logged in first.