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Notice: The COA® Prep Course is not intended for the general public.  You must be sponsored by an eye doctor in order to take the COA® certification examination.  For more information on a career in ophthalmology, click here. If you already work in an opthalmologist's office and you need information about exam requirements, click here.

Update on August 2018 Exam Changes: Yes, you read that right, JCAHPO has once again postponed the "new" exam, now until August of 2018. No matter, we have it covered, either way. All prep courses have been updated for the August 1 exam changes. You can study for the "old" exam, or the "new" exam. JCAHPO has added "Communications Skills" and "Administrative Duties" as sub-content areas. The number of exam questions as a percentage has changed for most content areas. Changes have been made to each prep course accordingly. There will be two versions of the practice exams, for those taking the exam before the change date, and another version for those taking the updated exam.

  "I passed the exam! Thank you so much! The prep course was instrumental to my success. I would highly recommend these courses to anyone looking to advance in this field."      TC COA

  "I just wanted to let you know that I passed my COA based on your test review. I had taken this test on my own before and had not passed. Your website gave me the great method of studying and those quizzes really helped! Thanks so much! I am so happy that I am passing the message around."     SS COA


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Yes, there are other "review" and "prep" courses, methods, and recommendations out there. In the grand scheme of certification, the price of one vs the other doesn't matter much. When spending your valuable time and effort, not to mention your reputation, you want a course with a track record of success. has been in the prep course business since 1998, with many, many successful "students". See more COA prep course user comments when you get to the end of the page.

Review course or prep course? A review course lasts several hours and is designed to give you an overview of the exam material. A comprehensive prep course takes many hours to complete and it gives you in-depth discussions of all content areas. This course is a comprehensive prep course. Take a review course if you already have a complete knowledge of the exam material. Take a comprehensive prep course if you want to get complete coverage of the exam material.

  "I purchased the COA prep course and I passed with flying colors! Thanks!"                ST COA

New exam or old exam?  JCAHPO® is once again making changes to the COA® exam content areas, as of August 1, 2018. This is the second content area revamp made in the past 3 years and the second postponement of the new changes. We have made changes to the prep course so that you will be prepared for either exam. This is a major advantage of using prep courses. Text books, flash cards, and brand x exam practice tests do not have this flexiblity that gives you an added advantage.

Save time, money and effort:  With the COA® Exam Prep Course, all of the research and organization regarding study materials has been done for you. There is no need to purchase any other study materials.  For a modest fee, you will be able to efficiently use your available study time.

  "Just wanted to let you know that I passed the COA exam! The prep course was a great help. Thanks."      GW COA


Gain confidence in your ability to pass the certification exam.  The COA® Exam Prep Course includes a database of over 1300 exam practice questions.  All study material is followed up with quizzes designed to test your knowledge of the content, and to help you remember the material. 

Assessment quizzes are included.  These quizzes give you "before" and "after" snapshots of your knowledge and your progress.  Take these quizzes as many times as you like.  Random sampling of the question database provides new quiz questions each time you take an assessment quiz.

  Be prepared to take the COA® certification exam by taking the simulated practice exam.  Take the practice test as many times as you like.  Each time you take the practice test it will have a new set of questions that are presented in the same content area percentages that will comprise the actual exam.

Because of the changes to the content areas, making this exam a "mini" tech exam, this prep course now includes a COA® version of the Ace the Optics course.
  Get the inside scoop:  Included is a "what to expect on the exam" commentary compiled from debriefings of folks who have recently taken the exam.

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Are you ready? The course fee is $120, which includes 120 days (4 months) of access. You must be logged in to purchase. If you are not logged in or registered, this link will take you to the login page, and then it will bring you back to the purchase page. 

Do you need CE credits before taking the exam? (This only applies to a small number of people taking this exam.)  If so, sign up for the COT prep course, which has 12 CE credits and it includes the COA prep course. See the course comparison chart at the bottom

Do you think you will need more than 4 months of study time? Then sign up for the COT prep course, which has 6 months of access (180 days), and it includes the COA prep course. Please note that we are flexible about access time. If you need a little more time to complete your studies, just email me (see the "contact us" page) about an extension.

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Does the prep course have actual exam questions?  No.  JCAHPO® does not release exam questions.  The prep course questions are designed to reinforce the information in the reading material and to help you remember important concepts that may be tested on the exam.

Can more than one person use the prep course at the same time?  No.  The course is designed to be interactive with one user.  Multiple users on one login may crash the quizzes.  Abuse of the login can result in blocked access with no refund of the course fee.

How long will it take to complete the prep course?  It is estimated that an experienced assistant can complete all aspects of the course in about 40 hours.  This will vary depending upon the user's knowledge of the course material.

Is there a time limit on access to the prep course?  Yes.  The course fee includes access to the course for 120 days (4 months).  The time frame begins with the payment of the course fee, so don't sign up until you are ready to begin studying.

Does the COA® Exam Prep Course come in book format or on CD?  No.  The interactive nature of the course requires internet access.

How does the COA Prep Course compare with the COT and COMT Prep Courses? See the table below:

Exam Prep Courses JCAHPO CEC Days Access Fee
COA Exam Prep Course 0 120 $120
COT Exam Prep Course  12 180 $150
(Includes COA Exam Prep Course, Ace the Optics)
COMT Exam Prep Course  12 180 $160
(Includes COA, COT Exam Prep, Ace the Optics)


  Recent COA prep course user comments:

“I’m really happy with the prep course. I've learned so much & can understand the benefits of being certified. The course is not boring, & is definitely better than reading a book! Although I'm getting my COA I'm preparing for my COT.” EA

“I passed my COA today and I strongly believed it was due to the study material found from I will recommend your website to anybody I know working towards their COA, COT and COMT certification. I will be happy to use your website again for my future certification for COT.” JJ

“I have completed the COA, and COT certification. I studied from your courses- which I found fantastic, thank you.” ST

“Thank you so much for this prep course! Took my COA today and passed on the first try! Could not have done it without the help of! I will be recommending this coarse to my co-workers.” JB

“Thanks for everything. I passed. I will recommend your program to my co-workers.” LD

“Several months ago I did your on-line study course and it had so much useful information in it. Thanks for your help!” CF

“Thank you for the website! It helped me pass the COA the first time and I feel confident going into the COT. I tell everyone who is about to take a certification test about it.” SI 

"I passed my COA exam! It was all from the help of your COA Prep Course! I really appreciated that you gave me a chance to read and review down to the day of my exam." RT

"I'm deciding if I should continue the education to become a COT. If I do, I'm definitely coming back for the COT prep course! This is the best prep course for preparation! FL

"I would like to thank you for being so kind and understanding. Many, many thanks to you and for the use of! I really appreciate all you have done for me! Thanks again! Have a good night and weekend!" GM

"Passed my COA exam, thanks a ton, site really helped. Thanks again!" MK

"I recently took my COA and aced my exam! I am the first to do it in under a year! Thanks for this amazing program. I will be using this product again for my COT! Thank you!" AM

"I took my COA test today and PASSED. This has been an amazing help, worth the money! Thanks!" Lt

"I just wanted to thank you! I passed my test and I have to say that the modules and tests were instrumental in helping me study. Thank you for the great work. I will definitely be returning for all my technician needs. I have already referred your site to many coworkers studying for the test. Thanks again!" NN

"I used your program and it is really great. I took my exam yesterday and passed. It was much easier after studying with your materials!!! Thanks for all the work you have put into this." JM

"I am preparing a coworker to take the COA exam, but she has had no formal training prior. It's a challenge but the information on Eyetec is fantastic." YS

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