Certified Ophthalmic Assistant Salary

ATPO Salary Survey (2019)

Average Certified Ophthalmic Assistant Salary (pay): $22.50 per hour, $47K per year.

Indeed search

"ophthalmic assistant salary": $17.26 per hour, $35.3K per year.

Why the difference between the ATPO survey and the Indeed search?

The Indeed search for "ophthalmic assistant salary" includes entry level and non-certified positions, which pushes the average down. The ATPO survey is responded to by mostly certified ophthalmic assistants who have been working in the field a substantial number of years.

How do certified ophthalmic assistant, technician, and technologist salaries compare?

ATPO Salary Survey (2019) for certified ophthalmic assistant: $22.50 per hour, $47K per year.
ATPO Salary Survey (2019) for certified ophthalmic technician: $25.50 per hour, $53K per year.
ATPO Salary Survey (2019) for certified ophthalmic technologist: $30.30 per hour, $63K per year.

What is the top end salary for an ophthalmic assistant, technician, or technologist?

Certified ophthalmic assistants, technicians, or technologists have been able to earn in the $70K to $100K salary range when taking on supervisory, administrative, and/or training responsibilities in the ophthalmology practice.

What benefits can you expect for a job as a certified ophthalmic assistant or technician?

The vast majority of respondents in the ATPO surveys (certified personnel) had paid holidays, paid vacation, and paid health insurance benefits.

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