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Training Course 


Who should take this course?


If you are an ophthalmic administrator, this course will be helpful when training an employee with little or no experience as an eye care receptionist.  The advantage of this course is that the trainee receives basic instruction on their own time, without the need for supervision.  All that is needed is a computer with internet access.  There are three quizzes that the trainee must pass in order to receive a certificate of completion.  A complete description of the course follows below.


If you have no previous experience, and you are applying for a job as a receptionist / front desk person in an eye care office, this course will give you basic instruction that will give you a head start. This course will provide you with a certificate of completion that may be of benefit to you in the job application/interview process.  



This course includes the "Telephone Skills for the Eyecare Office" course, which has it's own certificate of completion.  For more information on the telephone skills course, click here (to return to this page, close the new window).


Course content outline




     Eye care team members




          ophthalmic nurse

          ophthalmic medical personnel

          ophthalmic assistant

          ophthalmic technician

          ophthalmic technologist

          certified retinal angiographer

          certified orthoptist

          certified paraoptometric assistant and technician

     Computer skills

     Be a good employee


Overview of eye diseases


     Torn retina and detached retina, floaters and flashes


     Macular degeneration

     Diabetic retinopathy

     Dry eye



Basic optics , glasses, and contact lenses

     Basic optics

          Spherical refractive errors

          Astigmatism and cylindrical corrections


           Lens power notations

           Near vision and bifocals

           The glasses prescription

           Bifocals, trifocal, and progressives

     Contact Lenses

           Soft contact lens parameters

           Hard contact lens parameters

           Soft contact lens insertion and removal

           Soft contact lens care

           RGP contact lens insertion and removal

           RGP contact lens care


Autorefractor and autolensometer

     What they do and basics of operation



     Instruction on HIPAA compliance



     An overview of the ethical guidelines issued by the AAO




Before a certificate of completion is issued, the OMP must pass the following quizzes.  A passing grade is 70% correct answers.


Orientation, lensometry, confidentiality, and ethics quiz: 10 questions

Overview of eye diseases quiz: 28 questions

Basics of optics, glasses, and contact lenses quiz: 29 questions


This course has no CE credits.


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