Annual Compliance Training: Universal Precautions, HIPAA, Network Security

Help avoid fines, penalties, lawsuits, and malware: Train your new-hires and provide a yearly compliance review for your medical staff.


Why do yearly compliance training?

> OSHA requires yearly training for your staff members who are involved in patient care.
> The HIPAA "security rule" recommends periodic training, which many companies interpret to means yearly training.
> The dangers/costs of a security break in your computer network are too great to not conduct yearly staff training. It is estimated that more than half of malware security breaches originate with human error.


This course includes training on:

> Universal Precautions and Infection Control
> Confidentiality (HIPAA)
> Network Security (cybersecurity)

Course features:

> Staff can complete anytime they have a few minutes. Accessible via any internet connection. Don't waste valuable staff meeting time on compliance training.
> Includes quizzes to complete the training. You get proof that training did happen.
> Concise and to-the-point training, without time wasting fluff.
> Inexpensive ($10 per employee) compared to paying staff to attend a meeting, or paying a trainer to train a new-hire.
> You can assign one, two, or all three training segments. Each has it's own quiz and certificate of training.
> Easy to set up. See below.

Easy setup:

For training a new-hire:

Login as the individual and go through the cart/payment process (there is a payment button below). Or go through the cart/payment process via your own login and then contact us via the contact form and we will transfer the course to your employee. When the employee completes a course, he/she will be able to download/print a certificate of completion for your files.

For training a group of employees:

Use the contact form to let us know how many employees need training. We will then send you an invoice via email, which can be paid online via the invoice. After payment we will send you a coupon code which will allow your employees to sign up for the course without cost to them. When each employee completes a course, he/she will be able to download/print a certificate of completion for your files.


Use the link below to purchase an individual access to the course. See the information above to purchase access for a group.


Included in the training:

Universal Precautions and Infection Control

> Hand Hygiene
> Respiratory hygiene
> Bloodborne pathogen exposure control
> Standard precautions
> Personal protective equipment
> Engineering controls
> Work practice controls
> Management of biohazardous waste
> What to do if you are exposed to a potentially infectious material

Confidentiality (HIPAA)

> Provisions of HIPAA and possible fines for non-compliance
> Goals of HIPAA
> Confidentiality vs. Privacy
> What we must do to comply
> Practices that help to maintain confidentiality
> What to do if there are occurrences of HIPAA violations in your workplace 

Network Security (Cybersecurity)

> Significance and cost of malicious software (malware)
> Common cybersecurity incidents
> Definition and characteristics of a phishing scam
> How to avoid phishing scams
> Definition and characteristics of ransomware and computer viruses
> Actions we can take to protect personal and employer computer devices